COVID-19 Precautions


Your Health and Safety comes first at Auto-Ness Therapies. We will ensure to adhere to CDC guidelines as well as best practices WITHOUT compromising the highest quality of care possible.

We want to share our clinic policies and procedures that have been implemented to minimize any risk to our patients and to those working with you.

Preparation for your appointment.

  • DO NOT COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING WELL! Most important things to watch out for: flu-like symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath or extreme fatigue. There is an attached document of symptoms to watch out for.

  • For upcoming appointments, we require all our patients to please bring your own mask to your appointment. We understand that masks are uncomfortable to wear while exercising, however this is for the safety of everyone. If you are unable to do this please let us know.

  • We ask that family members wait in the car, or in the waiting room.

  • Once a Physical Therapist is ready for their next appointment, we will be requiring our patients to wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds and the Therapist will be following the same procedure.

During your appointment:

  • Both patients and Therapist will be wearing a mask during the entire appointment.

  • Physical distancing will be required in the gym area.

  • All gym equipment and tables will be wiped down and sanitized after each use.

  • We will have hand sanitizer available throughout the visit.

After your appointment: 

  • Please wash your hands before leaving the gym and keep your mask on until you have left the clinic.