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On your first call with us, be sure to ask us about our FitForLife Program. Bridging the gap between Rehabilitation and Personal Training!

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We do everything possible to make your experience less painful, less scary, and help you recover as fast as possible.

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We recognize that is important for each and every patient to get the highest level of treatment and attention available. That is why our team has been building slowly and deliberately for over 6 years. Teamed up with Dr. Matthew Perry, PT, DPT is Dr. Kevin Grayson PT, DPT and Dr. Jina Oliphant, PT, DPT. Kevin specializes in post-operative care: total knee replacement, hip replacement, ACL recovery, and rotator cuff repairs. Jina specializes in shoulder, knee rehabilitation, and runner rehabilitation. She combines manual therapy techniques and applied functional sciences in her exercises to create holistic and effective treatment plans for her patients!
, Auto-Ness Physical Therapy- Physical Therapy Scripps Ranch
Dr. Kevin Grayson PT, DPT
Dr. Jina Oliphant, PT, DPT

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(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Concierge Physical Therapy is a model used to help give patients the best care possible. This model allows a skilled Physical Therapist to come to you without going through the headache of dealing with San Diego traffic taking away your time and patience.
  • Concierge Physical Therapy is intended to give a patient the best value per dollar by having complete 1 on 1 interaction between you and your Therapist at all times including between treatments.
  • We do this by not allowing insurance to dictate how much time I can spend with you or how I am able treat you. This allows you to achieve your goals faster!

You have private one-on-one Physical Therapy right here in Scripps Ranch! We have a gym located in Scripps Ranch & Miramar where we can work with you!


Auto-Ness Therapies is considered an “Out-Of-Network provider,” which means that we can still work with your insurance for a percentage of your Physical Therapy costs. Being Out-Of-Network with your insurance allows us to provide a quality of care that you might be unfamiliar with.
That Is Good For You And Great For Your Rehabilitation!

The most significant difference between “run of the mill” in-network therapy and exceptional Out-Of-Network therapy is the amount of time that you can spend with your Doctor of Physical Therapy:

With the usual in-network provider, you typically will see a physical therapist for 10- 15 minutes. After your limited treatment time with the therapist, you might be transferred to a “tech” who is typically a high school or undergraduate student for the rest of the time. Sometimes you can be with a therapist for 45 minutes, but that therapist is also helping 1-2 other people at the exact same time, rotating in between you and others.

At Auto-Ness Physical Therapy, the typical one on one treatment time with the Physical Therapist is 1.5 hours per initial evaluation and 1 full hour for follow up sessions.

Every exercise repetition can be an indicator of what is working and not working. Spending time with you allows us to find out precisely what is going on to take you from hurt to healed!

Bottom line, at Auto-Ness Physical Therapy, you always have a skilled eye on you so you can never miss a rep, which means that you can get better faster. 

Why make 18–24 visits to a physical therapist when you can receive better results in 3–4 visits. Most people find it difficult to take an hour out of their day three days a week to go to treatments.

Less time means more time saved

How can I spend more time with you…but less time… at the same time?!?!?!

The next difference is that in a usual in-network clinic, you typically go to Physical Therapy for 2-3 sessions per week for a total of 18-24 (6-8 weeks of care). With a 20-minute commute each way, that is 40 hours that you are spending! A full work week for Physical Therapy.

At Auto-Ness Therapies, you typically only require 1 session per week, that is a ton of time and energy saved to travel to and from the PT clinic. Our typical patients are better in 5-6 visits. That is only 10 hours in total! It is time to try a different type of healthcare.

Bottom Line, Auto-Ness Physical Therapy can save you nearly a full workweek at therapy so that you can focus on what matters to you.

Auto-Ness Physical Therapy books appointments at YOUR convenience, including weekends!

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We do everything possible to make your experience less painful, less scary, and help you recover as fast as possible.