The City of San Diego has temporarily closed the main road on Scripps Ranch boulevard due to a water main breakage. - We are still open!

On Friday, May 19th, Scripps Ranch Blvd was shut down due to a flooding incident. The city is currently working on reopening the roadway, but we are unsure when this will be completed. 

Auto-Ness PT will remain open during these roadway repairs to ensure that our patients continue receiving the care and support they need.

Please use these updated directions to access our location. As of 7 AM on May 22nd, Scripps Ranch BLVD is the best way to our location. PLEASE ASK THE CITY WORKER TO LET YOU THROUGH THE CONES

Best Directions as of Monday 7AM May 22nd coming from Mira Mesa BLVD

Click the map for these directions off the freeway

Directions coming from Carroll Canyon RD (Scripps Lake Dr.)

Click the map for these directions off the freeway

Parking Instructions from Scripps Lake Dr.
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We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We hope to ensure that you are still receiving the high level of care that you deserve in this time!