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Running Injuries Keeping You from Your Personal Best?

If you're dealing with nagging issues like knee pain, shin splints, or muscle imbalances, you're not alone—especially in San Diego where the running scene is big. With so many of us missing out on local races, training days, and just enjoying a breezy jog, it's clear that a specialized approach to running recovery is long overdue.

Why San Diego Runners Choose Our Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy Services?

What makes us your go-to destination for sports recovery in San Diego? It’s our unique blend of evidence-based techniques and highly personalized care. But we don’t just stop there. At Auto-Ness, we offer something that goes beyond what conventional healthcare can provide: long-term solutions tailored just for you.

✅ Identifying the Root Cause of Your Issues

✅ Creating Personalized Running Regimens

✅ Employing Advanced Recovery Techniques

✅ Providing Ongoing Support and Monitoring

Auto-Ness Physical Therapy

We totally get it—you’re all about breaking your running records. But let’s be real; it’s tough to level up when knee pain or shin splints are holding you back. That’s where Auto-Ness Physical Therapy steps in. We’re not just any physical therapy clinic; we’re specialized in sports medicine and physical therapy, tailor-made for the local running community.

So what sets us apart in sports recovery in San Diego? Simple. We go beyond the surface-level stuff. We’re all about root-cause diagnosis to really understand what’s affecting your runs.

Knee issues affecting your pace? Muscle imbalances making those hills seem impossible? We’re here to help. Our approach is all about helping you overcome the unique challenges that runners face, so you can get back to chasing your personal bests in no time.

What You Get When You Choose Auto-Ness:
Evidence-Based Sports Medicine
Holistic Wellness and Sports Recovery
Education & Empowerment
And much more…

This is truly and one of a kind experience. It is one on one with the doctor. You are not being handed off several times while the doctor works with other patients at the same time. I enjoyed working with Dr. Grayson on my treatment plan to get rid of my chronic knee and shoulder pain from running and swimming. Dr. Grayson was able to get me pain free and helped me reach my half marathon race goals.

– Kat R. – Running Enthusiast 

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“Within a couple of sessions here at Auto-Ness, they had taught me the exercises I need to regain strength and mobility. I’m working out full-time with my family again, and I couldn’t be more grateful to the team here. They’ve changed my life.”

– Sam L.

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