Auto-Ness One-On-One In-Gym Based Concierge Physical Therapy Services At Your Convenience

Why Auto-Ness Physical Therapy?

Auto-Ness Therapies is committed to YOUR autonomy, wellness, and happiness.

      • At Auto-Ness Therapies, we can treat whatever part of your body requires the most attention at any point during your care. For instance, at Auto-Ness Therapies, if there were pain in both your shoulder and lower back, under the typical insurance model, a practitioner would need a referral from your physician for BOTH your shoulder and back.
      • Each treatment session is 1 on 1 with a licensed Physical Therapist which is equivalent to 2-3 appointments at a typical clinic! So depending on the problem, we will likely only be seeing you 1 time per week with an open line of communication between appointments. This saves YOU travel time since we come to you, and money with additional co-pays for multiple appointments throughout the week.
      • At Auto-Ness Therapies, you have your own Therapist in the palm of your hand to help you better understand WHY you are in pain and HOW to reduce your pain!
      • No more random self-help online videos that could be produced by just anyone.
      • Its time to take control of your care!

As Every Patient And Insurance Is Different, Please Call Regarding Fees.



Personal Training done by a Physical Therapist

Auto-Ness Physical Therapy offers an entire continuum of care for our patients.  This means that we offer the full range of Physical Therapy services found in facility-based clinics but use a more personalized 1 on 1 physical therapy strategy designed to support your overall health to move you along to independence. A key component to our continuum of care strategy is our Auto-Ness Therapies Wellness Program that bridges the gap between physical therapy and personal training. If you can benefit from exercising at home, supportive and independent stretching, soft tissue (massage) sessions, your general health is of lower complexity, and you are medically cleared to participate in a generalized fitness program then you are a candidate for the Auto-Ness Therapies Wellness Program.  

We also implement personalized exercise programs that you can access on any device and that allow you to message me at any time through the app. Your plan will also allow me to monitor your pain and how well you are doing with the exercises so that we are that we are ALWAYS moving YOU forward towards your goals

The Auto-Ness Therapies Wellness Program is for those who are:

    • Medically stable and medically cleared to participate in a fitness program. (Note: if your condition is not stable, please seek Auto-Ness Therapies Physical Therapy Services for assistance).
    • Currently seeing a Physical Therapist elsewhere or have been discharged from Physical Therapy, but still desire individualized 1 on 1 supplemental health and wellness support from a skilled medical professional.  
    • Not in need of Physical Therapy rehabilitation services to treat a specific medical condition (NOTE: My Physical Therapy patients may be eligible to participate in my wellness program as part of their continuum of care.)
    • Are a candidate for a general exercise program to promote overall fitness and flexibility.

Auto-Ness Therapies would like to cater to YOUR needs, so if you would If you would prefer a printed exercise program, we can provide this to you.


Workplace Wellness


“The assessment and preventative therapy has changed our production processes, front-of-house functional movement and pain management with of our team.”

– Rick, CEO of Newtopia Cyder

Auto-Ness Postural Re-education Program

  • Auto-Ness Therapies assists you through the entire continuum of care, which means that we implement comprehensive worksite evaluations to assess how employees perform their day-to-day jobs.
  • We follow up the evaluation with an interactive training presentation on how to prevent future injury and how to move more pain free.
  • We have worked with local businesses to provide worksite assessments that evaluate how employees move and perform their jobs to ensure that they use proper body mechanics to mitigate potential injuries.
  • We provide a written assessment at the conclusion of the worksite visit that identifies our findings and makes recommendations for corrective actions to be taken where we find potential problems. 
  • We also offer onsite presentations to address workplace wellness topics such as:
    • Posture mechanics
    • Lifting mechanics
    • Body awareness
    • Education to prevent repetitive use injuries of the shoulders, hips, hands, neck, knees, and lower back.
    • Ergonomic assessments to help reduce prolonged sitting dysfunction such as tingling hands and upper back pain.

Group Exercise Coaching

Previously stated, I have been involved in movement sciences since 2014. My training includes many different schools of exercise thought, and I am continuously engaged in learning techniques to help his clients and patients.

In a group environment, I currently work with:

  • Young athletes in group settings
  • An aging population performing chair exercises and functional fitness classes
  • Aquatics classes and other low impact water classes
  • General strength and balance classes
  • High-intensity interval training classes (HIIT)
  • Posture and recovery classes
  • Note this is not an exhaustive list of populations/settings


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